KESCO is a solution-focused, American company that provides the expertise necessary to design, build, and commission bulk-processing systems.  Our tailored solutions are designed to satisfy your specific project requirements.  We partner with leaders in their respective fields to provide an efficient project experience. We can be characterized as a hard-working supplier of industrial processing solutions that emphasizes delivering value to the customer.

Corporate Mission

Our corporate mission is no different than our personal objectives. Simply put, our mission is to HELP OTHER PEOPLE. We believe this focus will lead to the best solutions for the customer. Our team has a unique cross-section of experience. KESCO’s goal is to use this experience to help customers solve their problems – CUSTOMER-FIRST PROBLEM SOLVING. There are plenty of other companies out there focused on selling you their products and services. We believe if you focus on HELPING THE CUSTOMER, then profitability will take care of itself.

Value Proposition

KESCO has long-standing relationships with industry leaders to provide you direct access to valuable information. Our integration expertise with these leaders will save your company time and money by removing the cost of third-party firms trying to bill you for information that’s readily available through KESCO. We are interested in helping the customer solve their problem as timely and affordably as possible.

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