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We specialize in system design, project oversight, engineering and construction management services for the bulk solids industries. KESCO on-site, design-build team has hands-on experience to complete your brown-field plant retrofits as well as new, green-field projects. We deliver hard work, a positive attitude and quality results in a safe manner to get the mission accomplished.


Identifying process inefficiencies, evaluating return on investment and planning for capital allocation are important aspects of any project. KESCO will help you with this analysis. We do not try to find ways to bill you for hours and pages. Our goal is getting to the point you can determine whether the proposed objective is viable. If you wish to move forward, we can quickly proceed with engineering. If the scope of your analysis expands outside of our area of expertise, we will steer you toward the appropriate partner. We will not try to claim their expertise as our own.


KESCO’s mechanical design group can provide services to support a wide range of project requirements. Single system upgrades are handled internally. We partner with Kice Process Group (KPG) on complete plant design. The combination of KESCO’s design group and KPG in-house engineering allows us to move very quickly on sizable projects. 3D modeling can be provided to insure proper fit up during the construction process. Our operations and maintenance background allow us to consider practical solutions that most engineering firms don’t understand.

The KESCO Difference – We want to build your equipment and install your system. We are not interested in milking the process for every billable hour possible. We understand that engineering should be part of the project process, not the final product.

Project Management

A successful project demands solid project management. Many firms try to accomplish this with periodic visits and conference calls. KESCO believes that project management needs to be performed with boots on the ground. Project challenges arise and are most effectively addressed in person. Our project managers will be on-site working hand in hand with the customer, design engineers and contractors to develop schedules, make crucial decisions, provide value-added solutions and guide the project across the finish line. KESCO project management is scalable to the size of project and scope. We will provide the leadership necessary to keep your project on schedule and within budget.


Many companies are operating with a lean workforce. It is common for them to look for turn-key system supply. KESCO has strong relationships with many regional contractors to provide this single-source supply. We will assess each project and strategically integrate the best contractor(s), with customer input, for the job at hand. Our partners prioritize safety, quality and efficiency. Working with KESCO as your single-source provider, will allow you to control project costs, reduce overall project schedule and insure your project is completed in a safe, efficient manner.

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